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    Install a virtualbox-guest-dkms-dummy package to satisfy dependencies (refs: #15532). · a774ba2a
    Cyril Brulebois authored
    The virtualbox-guest-dkms package is to be installed only during the
    build to prepare kernel modules, and to be removed afterwards. Since
    the virtualbox 5.2.8-dfsg-7 upload, the virtualbox-guest-utils package
    depends on virtualbox-guest-dkms (with a strict version) so let's
    install a dummy package providing the required dependency, so that the
    hook clean-up can remove the real virtualbox-guest-dkms package without
    causing the virtualbox-guest-utils to go away in the process.
    To be extra precise, virtualbox-guest-utils depends on:
      virtualbox-guest-dkms (= ${source:Version})
      | virtualbox-guest-source (= ${source:Version})
      | virtualbox-guest-modules
    Since we're building modules from the virtualbox-guest-dkms package,
    let's have a Provides field which reflects that.
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