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    Install version 2.0~a21-1 of live-build and live-helper in the image. · 7f787522
    amnesia authored
    Our "normal" pinning installs the versions found in Squeeze.
    2.0~a29-1 has migrated to Squeeze.
    It changes quite a lot of things (e.g. rename LH_* variables to LB_*)
    which we cannot afford dealing with at this stage of the release process.
    Indeed upgrading to 2.0~a29-1 would probably imply:
    - adapting various bits of our build process (hooks and so on)
    - re-doing the testing that has already done on T(A)ILS 0.6~rc1.
    Temporary solution: include version 2.0~a21-1 of the live-build and live-helper
    packages in our source tree and setup APT pinning so that they are preferred to
    the version in Squeeze.