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    Go back to not starting Florence on startup. · 57af17ca
    intrigeri authored
    This reverts the revert commits d264dbf1
    and e97dc693.
    Even though the GNOME Shell extension's logic to avoid double-starting Florence
    is flawed, it is only flawed when one 0. uses Florence; 1. uses a system where
    Florence needs more than 1 second to start; and 2. one waits more than 1 second,
    but less than the time it takes to start before clicking on the icon again.
    The alternate option this commit reverts has worse problems: Florence sometimes
    is not hidden on startup, which affects all users, and requires an ugly
    workaround in the test suite (which is broken on feature/stretch currently, so
    this comes with a maintenance cost). Besides, it eats memory for everybody,
    while I expect the vast majority of users don't actually use Florence.
    So, all in all, I prefer going back to the behaviour previously implemented
    in feature/stretch, that I had reverted earlier today.