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    Install trezor and python3-trezor 0.12.1 from Bullseye · 5739cdf7
    intrigeri authored
    According to
    #17461 (comment 151109), "Upcoming version of Electrum (4.0) requires python-trezor 0.12. This version of python-trezor is also required for the newest Trezor firmware update!"
    Folks on #17461 are reporting WIP about having python3-trezor in
    buster-backports, so let's hope this is temporary, because the risk
    python3-trezor/sid becomes uninstallable on Buster is too high for my taste.
    Still, in the meantime, let's avoid breaking TREZOR support in Tails 4.10.
    refs #17461
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