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    Install virtualbox from our custom APT repository (refs: #15621) · 477e417f
    intrigeri authored
    As per https://labs.riseup.net/code/issues/12048#note-12:
    "we'll ship virtualbox-guest-x11 from sid as long as it's installable on
    Stretch; then we'll import the last working version in our custom APT repo.
    And if/when that last working version breaks (e.g. because we get a new xorg
    from stretch-backports and the virtualbox driver doesn't build against it
    anymore, there's no ABI compatibility between major X.Org versions, all drivers
    need to be rebuilt against the new one; it's happened a few times already that
    whatever virtualbox backport we were shipping wasn't compatible with the xorg
    from backports, etc.), then we'll reconsider and possibly drop
    VirtualBox support."
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