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    Revert "Lower required free (non-buffer/cache) memory for Tails Upgrader." · 220c9ce7
    intrigeri authored
    This reverts commit 01c88c1b.
    Refs: #8263
    Since then, we've bumped the memory requirements (both in our
    documentation and on the test suite's "hardware") to 2 GB, so the
    original reason for this change has gone away => let's go back to
    a value that was tested and confirmed to work (as in: allow upgrading
    a running Tails) on Wheezy, instead of a value that was tested on
    Jessie, but only for checking for available upgrades.
    The follow-ups will be:
     * the cool ideas posted on
       https://labs.riseup.net/code/issues/8263#note-1 will become a new,
       dedicated ticket (that has no reason to block the Tails 2.0 release);
     * #8083 and #7986 will tell us if the value this commit reverts to
       is OK.
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