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    Install Intel processor microcode firmware from stretch-backports (refs: #15173). · 20b79c23
    intrigeri authored
    The maintainer of intel-microcode in Debian carefully uploads to
    stretch-backports updates he thinks are safe for stable users. For example,
    right now stretch-backports has 3.20171117.1~bpo9+1 which is the latest
    available version that's not affected by the many regressions introduced by
    This commit does *not* currently give us IBRS/IBPB/STIPB microcode support for
    Spectre variant 2 mitigation: the currently available firmware with that support
    is too buggy. Instead, it:
     - updates microcode firmware to the latest good enough version, which usually
       brings important bugfixes;
     - paves the way for us to get this mitigation whenever it is ready in a form
       that the maintainer of intel-microcode in Debian thinks can be safely pushed
       to Debian stable users.
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