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    auto/build: drop checks for conditions that are satisfied in supported build environments. · 54beec54
    intrigeri authored
     - isohybrid is available in our Vagrant build VMs. The manual build
       documentation is totally outdated and broken, nobody complained about it,
       which suggests nobody tried to follow it since 1+ years.
       And anyway, if isohybrid is not installed, the build will fail loudly
       later on.
     - $LB_BINARY_IMAGES is correctly set because auto/config passes
       "--binary-images iso" to "lb config". Checking it here brings no value and
       just makes things harder for anyone who would want to add support for other
       kinds of images.
     - It's been a while since we've stopped releasing source tarballs :) One can't
       reach auto/config via "rake build" if one is not building from Git, and
       building without rake is unsupported (good luck with that).