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    Add /live/overlay -> /lib/live/mount/overlay symlink, for real this time. · 3233da6c
    Tails developers authored
    The live-boot changes (commit d2b2a461) brought to fix Debian bug#696495 revert
    some of our previous changes (commit 77dab1cb), and as a result, at the time
    live-persist runs, no tmpfs is mounted on /live/overlay while this command is
      mount -t aufs -o noatime,noxino,dirs=/live/overlay//home/amnesia/Persistent=rw:/live/persistence/sda2_unlocked/Persistent=rr+wh aufs /home/amnesia/Persistent
    ... and dmesg therefore reads:
      aufs test_add:264:mount[4677]: unsupported filesystem, /live/overlay//home/amnesia/Persistent (aufs)
    So, let's just ensure /live/overlay points to a tmpfs.
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