1. 06 Feb, 2012 22 commits
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      Unmount /root/config in case of error. · 02b9dc3e
      Matthijs Kooijman authored
      When there is an error, the Exit() handler unmounts filesystems within
      the chroot. This adds /root/config to the list used when /proc/mounts is
      not available.
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      Use a two-stage mount again for mounting config inside chroot in lb_chroot_hooks. · 58209e8b
      Matthijs Kooijman authored
      This reverts part of cacf9b6e (but also adds a "bind" option to the
      remount command, as documented in mount(8)).
      Apparently, doing "mount -o bind,ro" doesn't work. It outputs:
      	mount: warning: chroot/root/config seems to be mounted read-write.
      and mounts read-write instead of read-only. This behaviour is
      documented in mount(8). Newer kernels do seem to allow
      combining bind with the read-only option (see mount(2)), but this does
      not seem to work (possibly because mount is trying to be smart).
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      Fix path in 001-update-apt-file-cache.chroot. · 7f9cfe35
      Matthijs Kooijman authored
      The path included /chroot/, but hooks are called from within the chroot,
      so that part should be removed. This hook probably never worked.
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      Make the config available to all hooks. · e7ecf56b
      Matthijs Kooijman authored
      Previously, the config was bindmounted inside the chroot only for hooks
      from the config dir, now it is done earlier so it is available for all
      Note that it is now also done if there are no hooks, but this is
      probably enough of an exception case to not warrant the extra plumbing
      required to detect the case (and doing an extra bindmount shouldn't
      really hurt anyway...).
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      Fix pathname for running hooks in lb_chroot_hooks. · ea491a1a
      Matthijs Kooijman authored
      lb_chroot_hooks would copy the hooks to run to
      chroot/root/lb_chroot_hooks, but then try to run them from chroot/root
      (which obviously fails). This means lb_chroot_hooks has not been working
      for hooks from /usr/share/live/build/hooks since lb_chroot_hooks was
      added in revision e4793268. Running hooks from the config directory was
    • Matthijs Kooijman's avatar
      Make lb_chroot_hooks work with dash. · dbe6a82b
      Matthijs Kooijman authored
      Apparently, dash doesn't expand shell patterns within a quoted string,
      whereas bash does. We can't remove the quoting entirely, though, since
      that would cause problems when $LB_BASE or $_HOOK contains spaces (note
      that $_HOOK can probably never contain spaces, but let's handle it just
      in case). Only quoting the expansion of $LB_BASE and $_HOOK, but not the
      shell pattern should make the hooks work with both bash and dash again.
  7. 08 Jan, 2012 1 commit