Commit ef9b1e84 authored by Lyndon Brown's avatar Lyndon Brown Committed by Daniel Baumann
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Fix missing grub2 option in bootloader selection (Closes: #772671).

parent 6577c386
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
[\fB\-\-bootappend\-live\fR \fIPARAMETER\fR|\fI"PARAMETERS"\fR]
[\fB\-\-bootloader\fR grub|syslinux]
[\fB\-\-bootloader\fR grub|grub2|syslinux]
[\fB\-\-bootstrap\fR cdebootstrap|cdebootstrap-static|debootstrap]
......@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ defines the filesystem to be used in the image type. This only has an effect if
sets boot parameters specific to debian\-installer, if included.
.IP "\fB\-\-bootappend\-live\fR \fIPARAMETER\fR|""\fIPARAMETERS\fR""" 4
sets boot parameters specific to debian\-live. A complete list of boot parameters can be found in the \fIlive\-boot\fR(7) and \fIlive\-config\fR(7) manual pages.
.IP "\fB\-\-bootloader\fR grub|syslinux" 4
.IP "\fB\-\-bootloader\fR grub|grub2|syslinux" 4
defines which bootloader is being used in the generated image. This has only an effect if the selected binary image type does allow to choose the bootloader. For example, if you build a iso, always syslinux (or more precise, isolinux) is being used. Also note that some combinations of binary images types and bootloaders may be possible but live\-build does not support them yet. \fBlb config\fR will fail to create such a not yet supported configuration and give a explanation about it. For hdd images on amd64 and i386, the default is syslinux.
.IP "\fB\-\-bootstrap\fR cdebootstrap|cdebootstrap-static|debootstrap" 4
defines which program is used to bootstrap the debian chroot, default is debootstrap.
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ USAGE="${PROGRAM} [--apt apt|aptitude]\n\
\t [--bootappend-install PARAMETER|\"PARAMETERS\"]\n\
\t [--bootappend-live PARAMETER|\"PARAMETERS\"]\n\
\t [--bootappend-live-failsafe PARAMETER|\"PARAMETERS\"]\n\
\t [--bootloader grub|syslinux]\n\
\t [--bootloader grub|grub2|syslinux]\n\
\t [--bootstrap cdebootstrap|cdebootstrap-static|debootstrap]\n\
\t [--cache true|false]\n\
\t [--cache-indices true|false]\n\
......@@ -173,6 +173,7 @@
<select id="Bootloader" name="bootloader" size="1">
<option value="grub">grub</option>
<option value="grub2">grub2</option>
<option selected value="syslinux">syslinux</option>
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