1. 19 Mar, 2020 2 commits
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      lint_po: set XDG_CACHE_HOME independently (refs: #17359). · 542bdf10
      Cyril Brulebois authored
      Let's clean things up a little: The previous commit was an incremental
      evolution, creating individual cache directories below the previously
      global temporary directory. Even if that works fine, that's a little
      convoluted, and there's no reason for this indirection: each i18nspector
      call can get its own temporary directory anywhere, so simplify how the
      temporary directories are created.
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      lint_po: make each i18nspector work with a specific rply cache dir (Closes: #17359). · d7ca5acd
      Cyril Brulebois authored
      Treating the first PO file as special was a nice try but some files
      don't trigger the creation of a parser, i.e. don't result in the
      creation of a rply cache directory and/or cache file.
      That's the case if the first file is wiki/src/getting_started.fr.po for
      example, which results in various failure modes, depending on who wins
      the race:
       - mkdir on the just-created rply directory;
       - trying to read from the just-created and still-empty cache file,
         which is not valid JSON-wise;
       - trying to read from a being-written cache file, leading to
         inconsistent data, meaning another JSON validity problem.
      Therefore, consider the XDG_CACHE_HOME environment variable set at the
      top-level to be the top-level directory, below which a specific
      subdirectory will be created for each i18nspector call. This should
      ensure nobody steps on someone else's toes.
      This is just an attempt at a minimal bug fix, follow-up commits will
      simplify that code drastically.
  2. 02 Jan, 2020 1 commit
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      lint_po: succeed if --cached was passed but no PO files were staged · af71169b
      intrigeri authored
      When having "lint_po --cached" in one's pre-commit hook, any attempt
      to create a commit that does not modify any PO file fails with:
        Traceback (most recent call last):
          File "/home/intrigeri/.home/prv-user/.combined/cyber/amnesia/live/git/submodules/jenkins-tools/slaves/lint_po", line 347, in <module>
          File "/home/intrigeri/.home/prv-user/.combined/cyber/amnesia/live/git/submodules/jenkins-tools/slaves/lint_po", line 327, in main
            chain = [(_check_po_file(next(iterator)),),
        The po files you're trying to commit contain errors. Please fix them and try again.
      This is a regression introduced by c957b5b8,
      which b37a38ce fixed already, but only for the
      case when --cached is *not* passed.
      Note that in --cached mode, we don't display a warning: for details,
      see 0da94c64.
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      Import check_po. · fa46523f
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      It comes from the main Tails Git repository at
      commit 3d216e76e61514e25e01791ec88e7750c86a90b3.