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- Tails includes a selection of applications to work on sensitive documents and communicate securely. Everything in Tails is ready-to-use and has safe defaults.
-You can download Tails for free and independent security researchers can verify our work. Tails is based on Debian GNU/Linux.
[Learn learn how Tails works](
[Learn how Tails works](
### How to contribute to Tails:
There are many ways [you can contribute to Tails]( No effort is too small and whatever you bring to this community will be appreciated.
Find out how you can make a difference in Tails:
### How to get started with Gitlab:
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### How to transition to GitLab
### License and source code distribution
**Tails** is [Free Software]( you can download, use, and share it with no restrictions.
<a href=""><img alt="Tails is Free Software" src="" width="560"/>
The Tails source code is released under the GNU/GPL (version 3 or above) and is Copyright (C) Tails developers
Any exception to this rule is documented either [here]( or in the affected source file.
However, Tails includes non-free firmware in order to work on as much hardware as possible.
### Contact:
email and email lists:
xmpp: and
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