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% Tails — Privacy for anyone anywhere
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What what who
Who I am
* Tails contributor
* French translation team
What is Tails
**T**he **A**mnesic **I**ncognito **L**ive **S**ystem
A Live operating system
* works on (almost) any computer
* starts from a DVD or a USB stick
Privacy and anonymity #1
* use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship:
all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network
* leave no trace on the computer you are using,
unless you ask it explicitly
Privacy and anonymity #2
* cryptographic tools:
encrypt files, email and instant messaging
* media production tools:
sound, video, office publishing, graphics...
Other features
* exists since 2009
* translated into many languages
* Free Software
Cadence & popularity
- release every 6 weeks
- about 11k boots a day, doubles every year
Who uses Tails?
* Activists organizing in repressive contexts
* People facing Internet censorship
* Domestic violence survivors escaping from their abusers
* Journalists wanting to protect themselves or their sources
* etc.
And... it works?
According to the NSA, yes :
ranked as "catastrophic," leading to a "near-total loss/lack of
insight to target communications, presence..."
In other words...
We can beat them.
Collective matters
Our starting point
privacy and anonymity: collective matters
⇒ privacy and anonymity tools must be usable
by a *broad* audience
* translation is usability
Inclusive project
* not purely a project with friends
* public and open development:
Git, Redmine, meetings and roadmap
* design documentation : <>
* trying to improve diversity in our community
Tails needs you
## How you can help
* Translation
## But also
* Documentation
* Testing
* Web and graphics design
* Usability
* Code
* Infrastructure
* Debian
* Money
## Where to start?
* <>
* Here and now!
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