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      Always prefer present tense · c097e88b
      sajolida authored
      - It's simpler to read for international audience.
      - Past and future are more ambiguous regarding to when the thing
        happened or will happen.
      - People troubleshooting or following procedures are living in the
        present tense, step by step.
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      Rewrite in Markdown · bc78b1c6
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      See #16221
      We have many old strings that don't match this guideline but we try to
      update them whenever we modify or move a string, because any minor
      change alreay breaks existing translations.
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      Typography · 66df35d6
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      We're already capitalizing Boot Menu, Secure Boot, and Troubleshooting
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      Use more unique HTML anchors · e2244f7a
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      They are unique right now on this page so it's not a problem, but they
      are also common terms that might want to use again on the same page at
      some point.
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