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import argparse
import filecmp
import pathlib
import sh
import sys
from directories_comparison import DirectoriesComparison
from tails_system import TailsSystem
class TailsComparison:
"""Compare two Tails systems."""
def __init__(self, firstSystemPath, secondSystemPath):
# Set the log file path
self.logFilePath = pathlib.Path("tails_comparison.log")
# Open the log file
self.logFile = open(self.logFilePath, "w")
# Open the first system
with TailsSystem(firstSystemPath) as firstSystem:
# Print the first system identification
self.printSystemIdentification(firstSystem, "first")
# Open the second system
with TailsSystem(secondSystemPath) as secondSystem:
# Print the second system identification
self.printSystemIdentification(secondSystem, "second")
# Create the list of files to exclude from the comparison of boot directories
bootDirectoriesComparisonExcludedFiles = [pathlib.Path("live/Tails.module")]
for module in firstSystem.moduleNames + secondSystem.moduleNames:
# Compare the boot directories
self.compareDirectories(firstSystem.boot, secondSystem.boot, bootDirectoriesComparisonExcludedFiles, pathlib.Path("/boot"), "Comparing the boot directories... ")
# Compare the root directories
self.compareDirectories(firstSystem.root, secondSystem.root, list(), "/", "Comparing the root directories... ")
def printSystemIdentification(self, system, whichOne):
"""Print the identification of a Tails system."""
# Print the beginning of the identification
print("Identified the " + whichOne + " system as ", end="")
# If the system is an image
if system.type == TailsSystem.Type.image:
print("an image file", end="")
# Else, if the system is a block device
elif system.type == TailsSystem.Type.blockDevice:
print("a block device", end="")
# Print the end of the identification
print(" with Tails " + system.version)
def compareDirectories(self, firstDirectory, secondDirectory, excludedFiles, directoryRoot, text):
"""Compare the contents of two directories, excluding a list of files."""
# Compare the first and second directories
result = DirectoriesComparison(firstDirectory, secondDirectory, excludedFiles, text)
# Erase the line
# If all files are identical
if len(result.identicalFiles) == len(result.files):
# Print a message
sys.stdout.write("\r" + text + "IDENTICAL\n")
# Else
# Print a message
sys.stdout.write("\r" + text + "DIFFERENT\n")
# Compute the number of mismatching files
mismatchingFilesNumber = len(result.differentFiles) + len(result.filesMissingInSecondDirectory) + len(result.filesMissingInFirstDirectory)
# Print a message
print("Out of " + str(len(result.files)) + " files, " + str(mismatchingFilesNumber) + " do NOT match.")
# Log the different files
for differentFile in result.differentFiles:
self.logFile.write(str(directoryRoot.joinpath(differentFile)) + ": different\n")
# Log the files only present in the first system
for fileOnlyInFirstSystem in result.filesMissingInSecondDirectory:
self.logFile.write(str(directoryRoot.joinpath(fileOnlyInFirstSystem)) + ": only present in the first system\n")
# Log the files only present in the second system
for fileOnlyInSecondSystem in result.filesMissingInFirstDirectory:
self.logFile.write(str(directoryRoot.joinpath(fileOnlyInSecondSystem)) + ": only present in the second system\n")
# Flush the log file
# Print a message
print("See " + str(self.logFilePath) + " for the list of mismatching files.")
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Set the usage examples
usageExamples = "Examples:\n"
usageExamples += " Compare a Tails key with a downloaded Tails image:\n"
usageExamples += " " + sys.argv[0] + " /dev/sdb tails_image.img\n"
usageExamples += " Compare two Tails keys:\n"
usageExamples += " " + sys.argv[0] + " /dev/sdb /dev/sdc\n"
# Create the argument parser
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Compare two Tails systems.", epilog=usageExamples, formatter_class=argparse.RawDescriptionHelpFormatter)
parser.add_argument("firstSystem", metavar="first_system", help="first Tails system to compare")
parser.add_argument("secondSystem", metavar="second_system", help="second Tails system to compare")
# Parse the arguments
arguments = parser.parse_args()
# Compare the systems
TailsComparison(arguments.firstSystem, arguments.secondSystem)
# Error during execution of a shell command
except sh.ErrorReturnCode as errorReturnCode:
print("Command failed: " + errorReturnCode.full_cmd)
# Runtime error
except RuntimeError as runtimeError:
# Print a message
print("Runtime error: " + str(runtimeError))
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