1. 16 Dec, 2019 1 commit
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      [Weblate]: reenable commit_pending again in cron.sh · ec56c538
      Sandro Knauß authored
      Still we don't know how celery works exactly and it seems, like
      commit_pending is not executed at all. Let's do it old style and use
      cron for it. At least it should not break anything, as Weblate is using
      lock files to control write access to the repository and Weblate is
      happy, if nothing is up to commit.
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      Refactoring: DRY · 994386c5
      intrigeri authored
      On top of DRY'ing our code, my main goal is to repair a use case
      that 7591f7ae broke: a Jenkins
      slave (sic) that can both build & test Tails images.
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      Cleanup · 8e726e3e
      intrigeri authored
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      tails::jenkins::master: remove libtap-formatter-junit-perl · d97086de
      intrigeri authored
      I've added this packages 6.5 years ago via
      a5b072bbd10cd83d6cd194bf1eba1014393b9333 in puppet-lizard-manifests.git, because
      "It's needed to run the test suite of our Perl projects".
       - I've never set up Jenkins jobs that run the test suite of our Perl projects.
       - This package has been orphaned (https://bugs.debian.org/946410).
       - Jenkins now has a TAP plugin (https://plugins.jenkins.io/tap),
         so if we ever set up Jenkins jobs for test suites that natively expose
         their output in the TAP format, we can use that plugin instead
         of converting TAP to JUnit XMP.
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