1. 27 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      Make Jenkins slave service startup more reliable and fix its status... · 4eb0497e
      intrigeri authored
      Make Jenkins slave service startup more reliable and fix its status information (Closes: #8508, #11858).
      This fixes two related problems:
      1. The initscript tried to download the JAR only once. If the Jenkins master was
      not reachable at that time, the service would be considered to be correctly
      running, while it would not work at all. Let's now retry to download a JAR a few
      times, with a power-of-2 backoff delay, in order to wait for the Jenkins master
      to show up. And whenever the download script gives up eventually, systemd
      (with Restart=always) will itself restart the service a number of times.
      2. The service status (reported by the unit file auto-generated from the
      initscript) was always "running", because that unit file had Type=forking and
      the initscript runs plenty of commands before actually starting the service,
      which makes systemd guess incorrectly what process it should monitor. This made
      it impossible for our monitoring system to alert us whenever this service was
      not functioning. Converting to a native systemd service with Type=simple makes
      systemd report correct service status information.