Commit 8b01cda5 authored by Zen Fu's avatar Zen Fu
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[weblate] Cleanup Debian packages already defined elsewhere (tails#17377)

Apache packages are declared in tails::weblate::webserver and memcached
is declared in tails::weblate::config.
parent e0243660
# Manage Weblate dependencies that are in Debian
# This file was generated automatically, do not manually modify it.
class tails::weblate::debian_packages () {
# some packages are commented out because the needed versions for Weblate
# $WEBLATE_VERSION are still not available in Debian stable. Fore more details, see:
$$packages = [
'ipython3', # for more convenient debugging
'ccze', 'ipython3', # for more convenient debugging
'mercurial', # so we can use pip to install from hg repos
# Dependencies for Weblate $WEBLATE_VERSION
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