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tails.git post-receive hook: notify Jenkins using the Git remote URL it's using

We changed the Jenkins configuration to pull from GitLab while the mirroring to
Gitolite was not working:


But we did not adjust this post-receive hook accordingly,
so the "pushing to Git triggers a Jenkins build" behavior
is broken.

Let's repair this, until we make up our mind (tails/sysadmin#17715)
wrt. whether we should keep pointing Jenkins to GitLab's tails/tails,
or use the local mirror we have on puppet-git.lizard.
parent 5f325a6f
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
set -eu
JENKINS_MASTER_URL='http://jenkins.<%= @domain %>:8080'
GIT_REMOTE='gitolite3@<%= @fqdn %>'
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ done
if [ "$NOTIFY_JENKINS" = yes ]; then
echo "| Notifying Jenkins of Git updates..."
exec curl --silent --show-error "${JENKINS_MASTER_URL}/git/notifyCommit?url=${GIT_REMOTE}:tails" 2>&1 \
exec curl --silent --show-error "${JENKINS_MASTER_URL}/git/notifyCommit?url=${GIT_REMOTE}" 2>&1 \
| perl -p -E 's,^,| ,'
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