Commit 07003afc authored by Zen Fu's avatar Zen Fu
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Revert "Access jenkins-tools.git using SSH (sysadmin#17729)"

This reverts commit b7905976.

The `jenkins-tools` repository is cloned as system user `jenkins`, which
doesn't have keys configured to access GitLab (only user has). I'll
revert this change and flag about this in the issue.
parent b7905976
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
class tails::tester::check_po (
String $tools_repo_local_user = 'jenkins',
Stdlib::Absolutepath $tools_repo_checkout = '/var/lib/jenkins/tools',
String $tools_repo_url = '',
String $tools_repo_url = '',
String $tools_repo_rev = 'master',
String $tools_repo_ensure = 'latest',
) {
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