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Update changelog for 3.9.

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tails (3.9) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for next release.
* Major changes
- Upgrade Tor Browser to 8.0 (Closes: #15803, #15907).
Notable user-visible changes and relevant details:
· Adjust to the fact Tor Browser 8.0a10 replaces firefox with a wrapper.
· Don't use the bundled copy of, ours is recent enough.
· Drop obsolete Torbutton prefs (Closes: #15706).
· Switch back to 128px icons (Closes: #15081).
· AppArmor profile: take into account new Firefox binary path.
- Upgrade Thunderbird to 60.0 (Closes: #15792).
Notable user-visible changes and relevant details:
· AppArmor profile: patch to avoid conflicting x modifiers for ps(1).
- Upgrade tor to (Closes: #15772).
* Security fixes
- Upgrade Linux to 4.17.17-1 and intel-microcode to 3.20180807a.1
This fixes CVE-2018-3620 aka. Foreshadow aka. L1 Terminal Fault
(Closes: #15796).
- Upgrade OpenSSH to 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u4 (DSA-4280).
-- Tails developers <> Fri, 17 Aug 2018 17:08:32 +0000
* Bugfixes
- Fix Totem on Intel graphics cards by inlining the backported mesa
and dri-enumerate abstractions into its AppArmor profile: they are needed
with recent Mesa and libdrm (Closes: #15821). Regression introduced
in 3.9~rc1.
- Fix unlocking "hidden" TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt volumes via GNOME Shell
(Closes: #15843).
- Fix confusing error message when unlocking TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt volumes
(Closes: #15733).
- Revert to Stretch's X.Org nouveau video driver (Closes: #15833).
It seems that the regression brought by the upgraded one
is worse than the improvements reported after our call for testing.
Regression introduced in 3.9~rc1.
- Use the intel X.Org driver for Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620.
- Fix regressions introduced in 3.9~rc1 in/by Additional Software Packages:
· Don't break new empty persistence configuration files creation when
permissions are incorrect (Closes: #15802).
· Fix UX when the user has specified a distribution or version
for a given package in their live-additional-software.conf
(Closes: #15822).
· Don't show installation notifications on upgrade (Closes: #15879).
- Make more Additional Software Packages strings translatable in the
configuration dialog and PolicyKit messages.
* Minor improvements and updates
- Upgrade firmware-nonfree to 20180825-1.
- Update the APT repository signing key.
- Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes: add disclaimer (Closes: #15849).
* Test suite
- Update Thunderbird test suite for 60.0 (Closes: #15791).
- Fix various robustness issues.
- Make the Chutney nodes use a higher V3AuthVotingInterval to make client
bootstrap more robust (Closes: #15799).
- Update the Tor Launcher binary path.
- Adjust to the fact "New Circuit for this Site" is now in the site
information and not under the Torbutton anymore.
- Delete unused images.
-- Tails developers <> Tue, 04 Sep 2018 10:12:42 +0000
tails (3.9~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
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