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Manual test suite: clarify bits of the "Reproducibility" section (refs: #12639)

Following up on issues observed the first time someone did it
since my last updates.
parent 9bbaeb08
......@@ -73,10 +73,22 @@ This section can **not** be done by the RM.
| gzip \
> "$DEST_DIR/TR-bits.gz"
3. Send the `$DEST_DIR/TR-bits.gz` file as an attachment
3. Locate the file generated by the command above. To display its location,
execute the following command:
echo "$DEST_DIR/TR-bits.gz"
4. Send the aforementioned generated file as an attachment
to the _Trusted Reproducer_, whose name is on the
[release calendar](
5. If the _Trusted Reproducer_ is around, ask them:
- if they've received your email
- if they could successfully decompress the attachment
- if they could check the inline signature of the attachment once decompressed
- if the signed text contains all the information they need
# Automated test suite
Our long term goal is to eliminate the manual test suite (except the
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