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Manual test suite: use more precise data when comparing image size.

The previous command would yield "1.2G", which looks very similar to "1.2G" to
me, and could reflect any size increase < 100M, which does not achieve
what we're after here: a 50M size increase is already something we need
to investigate and possibly the symptom of a regression.
parent ebea7978
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ Check the images size has not changed much since the last release.
In a directory with many Tails ISO and USB images:
find \( -iname "tails*.iso" -o -iname "tails*.img" \) \
-type f -exec ls -lh '{}' \; | sort -rhk 5
-type f -exec ls -l --block-size=M '{}' \; | sort -rhk 5
<a id="reproducibility-final-check"></a>
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