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Separate block, and simplify.

cp + rm == mv in this case. Also let's make that section separate from
the "Remove unwanted" one since it does something else. It's important
that we first clean it up from the unwanted Wikipedia plugin from the
Tor Browser.
parent 549bb153
......@@ -180,10 +180,10 @@ rm "${TBB_DEFAULT_SEARCHPLUGINS_DIR}"/yahoo*.xml
rm "${TBB_DEFAULT_SEARCHPLUGINS_DIR}"/disconnect*.xml
rm "${TBB_DEFAULT_SEARCHPLUGINS_DIR}"/startpage*.xml
rm "${TBB_DEFAULT_SEARCHPLUGINS_DIR}"/wikipedia*.xml
# We want our localized English Wikipedia plugin to be available in
# all locales.
cp "${TBB_LOCALIZED_SEARCHPLUGINS_DIR}/en-US/wikipedia-en-US.xml" \
mv "${TBB_LOCALIZED_SEARCHPLUGINS_DIR}/en-US/wikipedia-en-US.xml" \
rm "${TBB_LOCALIZED_SEARCHPLUGINS_DIR}/en-US/wikipedia-en-US.xml"
apt-get --yes purge imagemagick
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