Commit c82425ac authored by Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois's avatar Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois
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Add reference to MFSA in the changelog.

parent 90181a78
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ tails (4.4) unstable; urgency=medium
- Upgrade Tor Browser to 9.0.6-build2 (MFSA-2020-09).
- Upgrade Linux kernel to linux-image-5.4.0-4, currently at 5.4.19-1
(Closes: #17477).
- Upgrade Thunderbird to 68.5.0-1~deb10u1 (Closes: #17481).
- Upgrade Thunderbird to 68.5.0-1~deb10u1 (MFSA-2020-07, Closes: #17481).
- Upgrade cURL to 7.64.0-4+deb10u1 (DSA-4633).
- Upgrade evince to 3.30.2-3+deb10u1 (DSA-4624).
- Upgrade Pillow to 5.4.1-2+deb10u1 (DSA-4631).
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