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Update changelog for 4.5~rc1.

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tails (4.5~rc1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for next major release
* Major changes
- Migrate from aufs to overlayfs (Closes: #8415). This change touches
many components which won't all be listed individually, but some
highlights are listed below:
⋅ Adjust the build system to stop building the aufs kernel module.
⋅ Switch the kernel command line from union=aufs to union=overlayfs.
⋅ Adjust AppArmor profiles (Closes: #9045, #12112).
. Adapt chroot-browsers (Closes: #12105).
⋅ Drop the aufs Git submodule.
⋅ Make memory erasure feature compatible with overlayfs
(Closes: #15146).
⋅ Make Upgrader support and also generate overlayfs-based IUKs by
default (Closes: #9373).
- Use GRUB with Secure Boot support for x86_64 (Closes: #6560, #15806).
This is also a large change, touching many components:
⋅ Install grub from bullseye.
⋅ Introduce a custom grub configuration file.
⋅ Use a custom background image.
⋅ Mimick Debian Installer's efi-image build script to handle all
details in binary local hooks.
Add SYSLINUX in the syslinux bootloader menu, to make it easier to
troubleshoot GRUB vs. syslinux issues (Closes: #17538).
Upgrader: Adjust to also handle files in EFI/debian when dealing
with file removals.
Adjust test suite.
- Migrate test suite from Sikuli to a combination of OpenCV (image
matching), xdotool (mouse interaction), plus libvirt's send-key
(keyboard interaction) (Closes: #15460). This is another major
changes, allowing the test suite to run on Buster-based systems,
touching various areas of the test suite, among which:
⋅ Add workaround for the Greeter when restoring snapshot.
⋅ Fix dependencies for Buster.
⋅ Replace some Sikuli-based options with some OpenCV-based ones
(e.g. --retry-find → --image-bumping-mode).
⋅ Handle non-English keyboards.
⋅ Fix --capture on Buster and above.
⋅ Deal with Buster having migrated from avconv to ffmpeg.
* Minor improvements and updates
- Refactor tails-documentation (Closes: #16903).
-- Tails developers <> Tue, 22 Oct 2019 15:23:33 +0000
* Build system
- Freeze APT snapshots for 4.5~rc1.
- Rakefile: always disable website caching when building from a tag
(Closes: #17513).
- Rakefile: fix recommended permissions (libvirt needs +r to share the
source tree with the Vagrant box).
- Import persistence-setup.git from its own repository into tails.git
(Closes: #17526, #6487).
- IUK: ensure rsync runtime dependency is installed.
* Test suite
- Adjust for the aufs → overlayfs migration (Closes: #12106, #17440,
- run_test_suite: don't print usage on error.
- run_test_suite: --view/--vnc-server-only are only supported on x11.
- Optimize checking if file is empty.
- Speed up some test failures to avoid resource starvation.
- Check for tcplay dependency.
- Increase chances chutney starts after unclean shutdown.
- Make chutney log what it is doing.
- Make opening Thunderbird's Extensions tab more robust.
-- Tails developers <> Thu, 26 Mar 2020 01:56:35 +0100
tails (4.4.1) unstable; urgency=medium
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