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Update changelog for 4.0~beta2.

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tails (4.0~beta2) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for next release.
* All changes included in Tails 3.16, see the corresponding changelog entry.
* Major changes
- Upgrade tor to (Closes: #16986).
* Security fixes
- Upgrade the Linux kernel to 5.2.0-2 (Closes: #16942).
This mitigates the Spectre v1 swapgs vulnerability (CVE-2019-1125).
Accordingly, aufs to aufs5.2 20190805.
- Install enigmail from Bullseye (Closes: #16738).
This fixes CVE-2019-12269.
* Bugfixes
- tails-unblock-network: only sleep until all-net-blacklist.conf is gone,
instead of unconditionally delaying the login process for 5 seconds
(Closes: #16805).
- Terminate GDM's GNOME session after the amnesia user logs in,
to free 200-300 MiB of memory (Closes: #12092).
Temporarily enable GDM debug logs so we get enough information to fix
any issue this might cause.
- Make our KeePassXC wrapper translatable (Closes: #16952).
- Adjust boot-time backports APT pinning for Buster.
- Ensure we don't install unwanted packages even if they become
"Priority: standard" again (Closes: #16949).
- Move some GNOME apps to different menu categories (Closes: #16981).
- Update HTP pools: replace (invalid certificate) with,
replace with (the former redirects to
the latter).
- AppArmor: allow OnionShare to open URLs with Tor Browser (Closes: #16914).
- Make file transfers with Spice reliable.
-- anonym <> Mon, 12 Aug 2019 12:50:27 +0200
* Minor improvements and updates
- Greeter: improve formatting of printed exceptions.
- Use the same icon for Tails Documentation in the Applications menu
as on te Desktop (Closes: #16800).
- Drop migration path from GnuPG persistent configuration created
in the Tails 2.x era.
- Remove various hacks that we don't need on Buster anymore.
- Stop installing libcaribou-gtk3-module (Closes: #16757).
- Stop installing python-cairo: mat2 does not use it anymore.
- tails-unblock-network: have udev reload the databases it uses.
This should avoid our fix for #16805 introducing regressions.
* Build system
- Bump APT snapshot of the 'debian' and 'torproject' archives
to 2019090202.
- Import the Greeter codebase into tails.git (Closes: #16912).
- Explicitly install gnome-shell to make the set of installed packages
more deterministic (related to #16947).
- Don't try to follow symlinks when normalizing timestamps on source files.
- Add missing "set -u" to build-time hook.
- Use consistent method to extract translatable strings from Glade files.
- Create gdm-tails related files from the original GNOME files
(Closes: #12551).
- Stop installing libimage-exiftool-perl explicitly: mat2 depends on it
- Rakefile: disable compression when retrieving artifacts via scp.
This makes this build step faster on systems that have SSH compression
enabled by default.
- import-translations: use tails-misc_release for tails.git's PO files
(i.e. the Tails part of #16774).
- Use squashfs-tools from sid (Closes: #16637).
- Lower VM_MEMORY_BASE to 1536M.
- Remove unneeded package cleanup (Closes: #16950).
* Test suite
- New scenario: installing with GNOME Disks from a USB image
(Closes: #16004).
- New scenarios: VeraCrypt PIM support (Closes: #15946).
- Revert timeout bump that's not needed anymore.
- Add a showing method on Dogtail objects.
- VeraCrypt: ensure the temporary keyfile file is not garbage collected
while we still need it.
- Remote shell: print traceback to stderr so we can see it.
- Install Dogtail from Bullseye and run it with Python 3 (Closes: #16976).
This gives us UTF-8 support. Accordingly, drop anonym's "showingOnly"
patch that was merged upstream, and port some test suite code to Dogtail,
which we could not do before it got UTF-8 support.
- Dogtail'ify some steps.
- Make "^the Tor Browser shows the "([^"]+)" error$" step more robust
(Closes: #11592.
- Make the "the support documentation page opens in Tor Browser" step more
robust (Closes: #15321)
- Remove a bunch of obsolete @fragile tags, update the reasons why
the remaining ones are fragile, and add some missing @fragile tags.
- Drop useless code based on wrong assumptions (refs: #13470).
- Make the "I set an administration password" step more robust.
-- Tails developers <> Mon, 02 Sep 2019 16:53:33 +0000
tails (4.0~beta1) unstable; urgency=medium
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