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releasing version 0.2

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amnesia (0.2) unstable; urgency=low
* imported /home/amnesia, then:
- more user-friendly shell, umask 077
- updated panel, added launcher to restart Tor
- mv $HOME/bin/* /usr/local/bin/
- removed metacity sessions
- removed gstreamer's registry, better keep this dynamically updated
- rm .qt/qt_plugins_3.3rc, better keep this dynamically updated
- removed .gnome/gnome-vfs/.trash_entry_cache
- removed kconf_update log
- removed and excluded Epiphany configuration (not installed)
- cleanup .kde
* iceweasel
- enable caching in RAM
- explicitly disable ssl v2, and enable ssl v3 + tls
- removed prefs for the non-installed webdeveloper
- removed the SSL Blacklist extension (not so useful, licensing issues)
- deep profile directory cleanup
- extensions cleanup: prefer Debian-packaged ones, cleanly reinstalled
AddBlock Plus and CS Lite to allow upgrading them
- updated pluginreg.dat and localstore.rdf
- moved some settings to user.js
- made cookie/JavaScript whitelists more consistent
- force httpS on whitelisted sites
- NoScript: marked google and gmail as untrusted
- some user interface tweaks, mainly for NoScript
- FireGPG: disable the buggy auto-detection feature, the link to firegpg's
homepage in generated pgp messages and the GMail interface (which won't
work without JavaScript anyway)
- updated blocklist.xml
- removed and excluded a bunch of files in the profile directory
* icedove: clean the profile directory up just like we did for iceweasel
* software: install msmtp and mutt
* home-refresh
- use rsync rather than tar
* documentation
- various fixes
- reviewed pidgin-otr security (see TODO)
* build system
- stop calling home-refresh in lh_build
- include home-refresh in generated images
- gitignore update
- fix permissions on local includes at build time
- updated scripts/{build,clean} wrt. new $HOME handling
- scripts/{build,config}: stop guessing BASEDIR, we must be run from
the root of the source directory anyway
- stop storing /etc/amnesia/version in Git, delete it at clean time
* release
- converted Changelog to the Debian format and location, updated
build scripts accordingly
- added a README symlink at the root of the source directory
- basic debian/ directory (not working for building packages yet,
but at least we can now use git-dch)
- added debian/gbp.conf with our custom options for git-dch
- config/amnesia: introduce new $AMNESIA_DEV_* variables to be used
by developpers' scripts
- added ./release script: a wrapper around git-dch, git-commit and git-tag
-- amnesia <> Tue, 23 Jun 2009 14:42:03 +0200
amnesia (0.1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
* Forked Privatix 9.03.15, by Markus Mandalka:
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