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      Test suite: review and adjust every blind rescue · 36d0aa8b
      intrigeri authored
      As per https://rubystyle.guide/#too-many-params, rescuing the Exception
      class traps signals. We do this quite a bit, which might explain
      why a simple CTRL-c is often not sufficient to kill the test suite.
       - In most cases, our exception handling code does not feel safe enough when
         we're facing a ctrl-c or another system-level exception (think ENOSPAC), i.e.
         we can't be sure it'll manage to rethrow the exception, I've replaced
         "rescue Exception" with "rescue StandardError".
       - In a few cases, the exception handling code was really specific to a given
         "raise" we wrote ourselves, and we're using exceptions raising/rescuing as
         our own control flow mechanism (test fails ⇒ raise), so I'm switching to
         dedicated exception classes in order to rescue only what we want, and no
         other unexpected Exception.
       - In some cases, we have fine-grained custom exception handling, including
         comments about "all other exceptions", so to make things extra clear I'm
         rescuing Exception separately from StandardError in those cases; this should
         highlight the different intended behaviors.
      Note that at first glance, the exception handling code that runs
      destroy_and_undefine looks useful even when aborting with SIGTERM.
      Thankfully, our at_exit handler runs it too, so there's no need
      to _also_ run it in the exception handlers.
      Finally, enable the Lint/RescueException Rubocop check: once we run Rubocop as
      part of our CI, this should avoid us (possibly me!) typing "rescue Exception"
      without being fully conscious of what it really catches.
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