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......@@ -3,3 +3,12 @@ Hello, johnnydoe here
The user agent in the unsafe browser seems to be the genuine user agent.
It could be set to something less suspicious, either the default TOR user agent or another common user agent, e.g. Windows 7 with an up-to-date IE.
Not the Torred browser's UI.. please!
Some IE6/8 on XP perhaps but not exactly the same string as the Tor browser.
Also, please bear in mind that the "unsafe browser" is **not** an unsafe browser. In fact, it is exactly the same (rather good) browser as the "safe browser". It is simply not being routed over the Tor network. It is therefore the **not torred** browser, or perhaps the **non-anonymous** browser. It is **CERTAINLY** no less **safe** than when directed over tor, in fact, I consider the "unsafe browser" to be significantly *more* "safe" as the likleyhood of snooping and MITM attacks is probably many orders of magnitude lower when *not* using Tor. On a private connection, Tails' "unsafe browser" is my *preferred* **safe** browser: used for online banking, accessing email accounts which don't provide SSL, and various other non-anonymous security-imperitive tasks.
Please don't give the non-anonymous browser exactly the same UI string as the tor-browser!
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