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[[!toc levels=2]]
- write a simple GUI that resets a USB stick that previously contained
a isohybrid Tails to a sane state
OR document with nice screenshots how to do so on GNOME / Windows [bertagaz]
Should be more explicit when no target device is available
Empty list, no message, is not that easy to understand.
Until we support incremental updates (see
[[todo/usb_install_and_upgrade]] for details), our installer must
allow upgrading a (non-running) Tails that is installed on a removable
device. The existing code should already support this, but we need to
double-check this and possibly wrap that feature, UI-wise, in a way
that properly support this usecase. Putting ourselves in the situation
of documenting how to use our installer to perform an upgrade may be a
good way to detect remaining problems.
SD Card support
Maybe does not support SD / SDHC Cards as well as USB?
Missing OS
Creating or deleting a second partition using udisks resets the first partition's attributes.
Normal output is:
$ sgdisk /dev/sdb --attributes=1:show
1:2:1 (legacy BIOS bootable)
1:60:1 (read-only)
1:62:1 (hidden)
1:63:1 (do not automount)
- test installing from ISO file while running a Tails system
- test cloning from USB on bare metal
- test cloning from CD on bare metal
After creating a second partition, the output is empty.
As documented on the [syslinux
trying to boot such a broken stick results in the `Missing OS` message
and no boot.
`tails-persistence-setup`, that creates the persistence partition,
workarounds this, but we must report this bug upstream.
- update [[todo/usb_install_and_upgrade]] with current decisions and
plans [bertagaz]
- update [[download and installation|download]] documentation [bertagaz]
download and installation
Update [[download and installation|download]] documentation.
To be treated carefully:
* The bootstrap steps (when one has no Tails system yet): it implies
burning a CD, booting from CD, and cloning. Or do we want to make
a liveusb-creator `.deb` available on our website?
* Installing over an old-fashioned Tails (hybrid ISO installed by
`cat` or similar) (seems to? sometimes? always?) requires to reset
the partition table **first**, see the "resetting a Tails USB stick"
section bellow (details: `sgdisk --print` returns non-zero exit
code when run on such a disk, and the installer carefully refuses to
overwrite a partition table it does not understand). **Update:** it
*seems* like this only happens when a hybrid ISO was cat'd, then an
ISO was installed with the USB installer, then a hybrid ISO was
cat'd again (erasing the main GPT but possibly not the backup one),
and the USB installer is run. If this is so, let's ignore such weird
cases that only happen to hard-core Tails developers.
resetting a Tails USB stick
The `feature/usb_installer` branch has documentation in
`doc/resetting_usb_stick` that explains how to reset a USB stick that
previously contained a isohybrid or GPT Tails to a "normal" state
(i.e. MBR partition table, and optionally FAT32 partition).
Left to do:
* test Windows instructions
* link to these pages somewhere (where?)
Hand out `.po` files to translators.
* Set cursor to waiting (hourglass) state while working.
* *Target Device* list: display more information, such as the stick brand and model.
* If stick is <1.5GB case, support installing but don't show the
persistence checkbox
* Allow setting the system/overlay partitions size via command-line
......@@ -55,6 +101,12 @@ Later
installation on local hard disks (= not external USB);
seems to be implemented by --force, see special casing in the
detect_removable_devices method.
* currently lists all partitions on the same USB stick. What should it
do instead?
- if one of those partitions is labelled `Tails`, and we're
upgrading, it probably makes sense hiding other partitions on the
same physical device
Windows support?
[[!tag todo/research]]
We feel that the Debian + Tor + CD/USB image is a good visual summary of what
Tails is but still feel the need for a proper logo. We like the idea of the
tail, the cat or the mask that was used by Incognito in the past.
......@@ -35,13 +35,17 @@ generalization of: [[todo/iceweasel_should_support_LAN_webservers]]).
# Tor is accessed through a VPN
Since all use cases (I could come up with) for this setup are invalid,
this should not be supported. It also contradicts the PELD.
Unlike the other VPN setup yhis would be trivial to implement.
## Use cases
* Access Tor on networks where it's blocked. Using a bridge is a
better option so this point is invalid.
* Access Tor on networks where it's blocked. Using a bridge is
preferable when possible, and should always be possible once
[[todo/todo/obsfproxy]] is mature and in wide use. Until then this
may be an acceptible workaround.
* Some ISPs require their customers to connect to them through VPNs,
especially PPTP. Tails is currently unusable for them out of the
# What we don't want
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