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test suite: check that everything is Torified.

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......@@ -69,6 +69,37 @@ Check the output for:
IPv6-enabled server on its IPv6 address over TCP and icmp6.
* is `/etc/resolv.conf` OK both before/after DHCP has been setup? it should
*always* read `nameserver`
* verify that all destinations reached from an intensive Tails session
are tor routers or authorities: Boot Tails without the network
in. Start dumping your whole session's network activity with `sudo
tcpdump -i any -w dump` (or better, do the dump on another machine,
or on the host OS if Tails is running in a VM). Next, plug the
network and do *a lot* of network stuff (why not run do this while
doing all the other tests?). Then check that all destinations,
e.g. by using tshark and the script below:
(ignore this line, ikiwiki is buggy...)
# Note that these default directory authorities may change! To be
# sure, check in Tor's source, src/or/config.c:~900
tshark -r dump -T fields -e ip.dst | sort | uniq | \
while read x; do
ip_expr=$(echo ${x} | sed -e "s@\.@\\\.@g")
if echo ${DIR_AUTHS} | grep -qe ${ip_expr}; then
if ! grep -qe "^router [^ ]\+ ${ip_expr}" ${DESCRIPTORS}; then
echo "${x} is bad"
Note that this script will produce some false positives, like your
gateway, broadcasts, etc. Also note that running I2P during these
test will list every I2P peer as "bad", so that is not recommended.
# Use of untrusted partitions
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