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      Wait for ibus-daemon instead of nm-applet, to judge whether we can send notifications. · 5771f243
      intrigeri authored
      We should not be running nm-applet on GNOME Shell, since this functionality is
      nowadays taken over by GNOME Shell itself. And notifications are also handled by
      GNOME Shell, so let's instead wait for a process that's started by GNOME Shell,
      assuming that if it's ready enough to start long-lived child processes,
      hopefully it's ready to receive and enqueue/display notifications.
      Will-fix: #8685 (not really, but let's help Redmine track the relevant commits)
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      Set time from Tor consensus unless it's already in the valid interval. · 58e1b1a3
      Tails developers authored
      This is based on ideas from Liberte Linux' tordate script,
      and meant to implement
      This allows greatly simplifying the 50-htp.sh NM hook: no need to do fancy
      tricks with /etc/hosts anymore.
      Split out and re-order NM hooks:
        First, setup the firewall.
        Then restart Tor.
        Then set the time using Tor consensus, and start HTP (non-blocking) in the background.
        Eventually, restart and cleanup everything that needs to: ttdnsd, pdnsd,
        Vidalia, etc.
      Doing so allows us to stop passing a tiny DNS timeout to htpdate / wget anymore:
      commit e291af5d, that introduced this "-t 1" option, explains why it was added.
      These reasons don't stand anymore: the IPs of the server queried by htpdate are
      not in /etc/hosts nowadays.
      Non-blocking htpdate has an initscript (/etc/init.d/htpdate, that should not
      start on its own); its options were moved to /etc/default/htpdate.
      The tails-htp-notify-user script is removed: no need for feedback as this is now
      non-blocking and does not prevent actual usage. A bit more KISS does not hurt.
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    • T(A)ILS developers's avatar
      HTP: better handling of DNS failure + retry next time the network goes up. · 6cf200b3
      T(A)ILS developers authored
      The initial idea was to also warn the user on DNS resolution failure, while the
      previous code would leave the notification open forever in such a situation.
      It ended up fixing another bug: previous code would never retry running htpdate
      next time the network would go up if it failed the first time; it now does iff
      every previous attempt failed.
      These seemingly tiny changes actually triggered some refactoring to keep the code
      readable and hopefully make it more robust, hence the diff size. Details follow.
      We now use the same log file for the NM hook as the one that was already used by
      tails-htp-notify-user. This is meant to provide more useful debugging data to
      the user, especially in case of DNS resolution failure.
      We now use one file (/var/lib/live/htp-success) to indicate success and a
      different one (/var/lib/live/htp-done) to indicate the NM HTP hook has done
      everything possible and should not be waited for anymore. When the success flag
      file is present, neither the NM HTP hook nor the Desktop notification program do
      anything interesting. When it is absent, HTP time synchronization is attempted
      (possibly /again/) and the user is kept informed of it.
    • T(A)ILS developers's avatar
      tails-htp-notify-user: enable debug mode · 900125c1
      T(A)ILS developers authored
      ... until the Squeeze regression is sorted out.
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      Coding style improvements. · 76e94049
      T(A)ILS developers authored
      Use English, use three-arguments form of open, indentation.
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