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Test suite: skip LUKS2 test on persistence created with 4.13 or older

This will avoid the need to disable USE_LAST_RELEASE_AS_OLD_ISO until 4.14 is
released, then re-enable it.
parent c9292022
......@@ -334,7 +334,11 @@ Then /^there is no persistence partition on USB drive "([^"]+)"$/ do |name|
"USB drive #{name} has a partition '#{data_part_dev}'")
def assert_luks2(device)
def assert_luks2(name, device)
# Tails 4.13 and older created LUKS1 persistence
return if name == 'old' && !$old_version.nil? \
&& system("dpkg --compare-versions '#{$old_version}' le 4.13")
luks_info = $vm.execute("cryptsetup status #{device}").stdout
assert_match(/^ +type: +LUKS2$/, luks_info,
"Device #{device} is not LUKS2")
......@@ -367,7 +371,7 @@ Then /^a Tails persistence partition exists on USB drive "([^"]+)"$/ do |name|
luks_dev = "/dev/mapper/#{name}"
assert_luks2(name, luks_dev)
# Adapting check_part_integrity() seems like a bad idea so here goes
info = $vm.execute("udisksctl info --block-device '#{luks_dev}'").stdout
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