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Merge branch '7439-remove-clock-sync-notification' into 'stable'

Remove clock sync notification

Closes #7439

See merge request tails/tails!389
parents d4ad68ef 0fc3f5c0
......@@ -48,29 +48,11 @@ my $notify = Desktop::Notify->new()
or die "Failed creating Desktop::Notify object.";
debug('$notify:' . "\n" . Dumper($notify));
my $summary = __("Synchronizing the system's clock");
my $body = __("Tor needs an accurate clock to work properly, especially for Onion Services. Please wait...");
my $notification = $notify->create(summary => $summary,
body => $body,
timeout => 0)
or die "Failed to create notification object";
debug('$notification:' . "\n" . Dumper($notification));
# Wait until notifications can be shown
until (system("pidof", "ibus-daemon") == 0) {
sleep 1
$notification->show() or warn "Failed showing notification.";
# Wait until htpdate is done
until ( -e $htp_done_file ) {
sleep 1;
# in case htpdate failed, notify the user with the corresponding logs
unless (-e $htp_success_file) {
open(my $htp_log, '<', $htp_log_file)
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